Photo: Alex Beim


Here For Now arose from a DIY, let’s make it happen enthusiasm. Some fellow dance artists were visiting from out of town, and we threw together Vol. 1 so that they could share their work. 3 local artists presented pieces alongside them at the collective studio space, The Gold Saucer. 

For Vol. 2 we moved to the Warehouse at Eastside Studios, where we hosted 13 works from a wide range of artistic disciplines. Audiences were invited to roam through the large warehouse space to discover dance, theatre, sound, drag performance, film, visual art, sculpture, and durational performance spread throughout the venue. 

In both previous iterations of Here For Now, what we loved the most was the coming together of folks from various communities to experience some great art in a casual and fun atmosphere. As we work towards Vol. 3, we are excited to continue facilitating novel interactions between art, artists, and audiences, and to cultivate a lively space for dialogue and exchange.